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Delta of venus is a brand new site that aims to bring you some nice and hot scenes. And you should know that we deal in the vintage side of the porn industry so you can expect some very nice scenes in every week. We will bring you some very nice and hot scenes of famous porn starts from the earlier periods of  the porn industry. And today we bring you our debuting gallery with a very hot and sexy blonde that will amaze you with her scene. So let’s sit back and watch what she has for you in this deltaofvenus update today.

As the scene starts the short haired blonde has already started her little seducing session as today she plans to not let the dude she got go until he thoroughly works her fine pussy. So watch her as in the beginning the dude does one fine job of doing some oral for her to get her even more in the mood. She loves getting her pussy licked! Then you will get to see her as she will spread her legs wide open for his cock tonight. Enjoy the scene everyone and come back next week for some more. We can guarantee you’ll be in for quite a treat. So see you next time everyone. Bye !


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Delta Of Venus – Old school blow job

Have a look at the next Delta of Venus scene, to see a vintage oral, just the way you will like to see. This curly haired babe is going to grab this super large tool and start pushing it into her mouth, licking it with such a great lust. You are going to love seeing this fantastic blow job, cause this babe is such a pro when it comes to boners. She knows precisely what to do, just to make that immense tool go from big to huge, in just a few moments. See how she is going to take that cock and start licking it from the bottom until the top, with such passion.

She is going to insist on the top, a little bit, making swirls with her tongue and her lips, driving her partner insane. Have a look at this blonde and see what other impressive things is she about to do with her twisting tongue and enjoy each moment. Also, you could have a look at to see some extra incredible videos and photos, exactly how you like to see. Stay close to see the end of this video, as well, to see how is she going to end up, with a fantastically huge cum load all over that nice face of hers.

delta of venus old school blow job See this blonde stuffing a huge tool in her mouth!